Frequently Asked Questions

If you advertise in our printed Truck ‘N Trailer Magazine, your ad is automatically included in our online magazine since it is a reproduction of the original. Your ad will remain accessible online for 6 issue cycles (about 12 weeks).

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We need to have all photos, text, and payment in full by noon, the Thursday of the week before our issue date.
Check out our Publishing Calendar.

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Individuals and businesses in the trucking, construction, or related industriesbthat wish to receive a FREE subscription to TNT Magazine can do so by calling us at (570) 467-2528. Please note that FREE subscriptions are only offerred to residents of the United States of America or it’s territories. Subscription requests must also be made by someone who is actively involved in the trucking, construction, or a related industry.

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The most common reason for undelivered subscriptions is an unreported change of address. All address changes must be reported to TNT Magazine so we can keep our magazine issues coming to you uninterrupted. Sometimes your local post office may be delaying delivery of your copy of TNT Magazine. If your address has not changed this is the first place to check. If your address has not changed and your magazine is still not being delivered, please call us at (570) 467-2528

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Online access and unit upload is free. The only requirement is to be an active advertiser in TNT Magazine.

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