May 7, 2021 Issue

COPYRIGHT LYNAGH, ROLAND ASSOCIATES, LLC 2021 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TNT MAGAZINE T RUCK , N T RAILER MAGAZINE May 7, 2021 Edition READ TNT ONLINE AT VISIT US ONLINE AT: E-MAIL: [email protected] TNT MAGAZINE 830 BARNESVILLE DRIVE P.O. BOX 68 BARNESVILLE, PA 18214 (570) 467-2528 / 467-2939 Fax: (570) 467-3720 For subscription or Advertising information, write or call. CURRENT RESIDENT OR SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT & AUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGES 32 THRU 37. Join the 1,000’s of businesses who have grown their businesses with Patriot Financial! WHEN BANKS SAY NO PATRIOT SAYS YES *Please fi l l out the fol lowing appl ication form and contact Mike DiEugenio for immediate service* Business Name Phone Fax Business Owner S.S.# % Owned Second Owner S.S.# Type of Business Time in Business Street Address City State Zip Home Phone Equipment Description Cost As undersigned individual, recognizing that his or her individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the credit for the applicant, hereby consents to and authorizes the above business credit provider and any assignee, lender or funding service that may be utilized to obtain and use a consumer credit repor t on the undersigned, now and from time to time, as needed in the credit evaluation and review process and waives any right or claim they would otherwise have under Fair Credit Repor ting Act in the absence of this continuing consent. Signature: Patriot Always Finds a Way To Say Yes. We Will Get You Financed! Contact MIKE DIEUGENIO Directly: phone: 866-633-6003 fax: 484-346-3440 email: [email protected] *Cus t ome r app r ova l s a r e based on t he app l i can t ’ s c r ed i t r epo r t and o t he r qua l i f i ca t i ons * b Small Business Loans and Working Capital b Equipment Financing b Truck and Trailer Financing b Auction Financing APPLY NOW