September 22, 2023 Issue

COPYRIGHT LYNAGH, ROLAND ASSOCIATES, LLC 2023 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TNT MAGAZINE TRUCK , N TRAILER MAGAZINE September 22, 2023 Edition READ TNT ONLINE AT VISIT US ONLINE AT: E-MAIL: [email protected] TNT MAGAZINE 830 BARNESVILLE DRIVE P.O. BOX 68 BARNESVILLE, PA 18214 (570) 467-2528 / 467-2939 Fax: (570) 467-3720 For subscription or Advertising information, write or call. CURRENT RESIDENT OR SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT & AUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGES 17 THRU 23. $$$$$ WE BUY MACK, FREIGHTLINER, PETE, KENWORTH, Etc. TRUCKS and CAT, KOMATSU, CASE, HYUNDAI, IR, Etc. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for $$$$$ $$$$$ WE BUY MACK, FREIGHTLINER, PETE, KENWORTH, Etc. TRUCKS and CAT, KOMATSU, CASE, HYUNDAI, IR, Etc. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for $$$$$ $$$$$ WE BUY MACK, FREIGHTLINER, PETE, KENWORTH, Etc. TRUCKS and CAT, KOMATSU, CASE, HYUNDAI, IR, Etc. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for $$$$$ $$$$$ WE BUY MACK, FREIGHTLINER, PETE, KENWORTH, Etc. TRUCKS and CAT, KOMATSU, CASE, HYUNDAI, IR, Etc. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for $$$$$ 2905 Simpson Road • Caledonia, NY 14423 585-538-4395 OVER 250 TRUCKS AND OVER 150 PIECES OF CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT EXPORTERS WELCOME! FINANCING AVAILABLE. Port Delivery Available To Any USA Or Foreign Port Worldwide! TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF OUR OTHER GREAT TRUCKS AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT WWW.CALEDONIADIESEL.COM 2007 MACK CTP713 FEED MIXER TRUCK CLEAN; Supreme 1400T Fed Mixer; Mack 370 HP; Allison Auto. Trans.; 20K F/A; 46K R/A; 425/65R22.5 Front, 11R22.5 Rear Tires; Camelback Susp.; 264” WB; 12’9” Truck Height; 66,500 Miles; Stk. # 6818 - CALL WE ALSO RENT CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 2006 PETERBILT 357 CAB & CHASSIS 335 HP CAT C11; Allison Auto. Trans.; 20K F/A; 46K Locking Rears; Chalmers Susp.; 254” WB; 170” CT; 21’6” Frame Behind Cab; 205,344 Miles; Stk. # 6822 - $56,900 2015 WESTERN STAR 4700SF 470 HP Detroit DD13; 10-Spd. Manual; Clean Daycab; 12K F/A; 46K Full Locking Rears; AirLiner Susp.; 210” WB; Headache Rack; 3.91 Ratio; 391,389 Miles; Stk. # 6798 - $71,900 2009 KENWORTH T800 CAB & CHASSIS Clean Double Frame; 355 HP Cummins ISM (Can Be Re-Rated To 425 HP); 18-Spd. Manual; 264” WB; 21’ Frame Behind Cab; 186” CT; 20K F/A; 46K Full Locking Rears On Neway Air Ride; 4.30 Ratio; PTO w/Controls; 107,210 Miles; Stk. # 6778 - $59,900 2004 VOLVO VHD64 CAB & CHASSIS Heavy Single Frame; Volvo 365 HP; Allison Auto. Trans.; 20K F/A; 46K Full Locking Rears; T-Ride Susp.; 214” WB; 150” CT; 18’6” Frame; 153,968 Miles; Stk. # 6758 - $49,900 1999 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 DOUBLE FRAME DAYCAB 370+ HP Cummins N14; Allison Auto. Trans.; 184” WB; Neway Air Ride; Wetline; Rubber 95%; 90,427 Miles; Stk. # 6745 - $39,900 (2) 2014 PETERBILT 367 DOUBLE FRAME SLEEPER TRUCK 48” Flat Top Sleeper; 550 HP Cummins IX; 18-Spd. Manual; 14.32K F/A; 46L Full Locking Rears; Neway Susp.; 232” WB; 436,000 Miles; Stk. # 6794 & 6795 - $51,900 EACH 2003 KENWORTH T800 HEAVY SINGLE FRAME FLATBED 395 HP CAT C12; Allison Auto. Trans.; 15’6” x 102” Steel Deck; 18K F/A; 46K Full Locking Rears On Haulmaax Susp.; 196” WB; 122” CT; 14’8” Frame Behind Cab; 4.56 Ratio; 233,014 Miles; Stk. # 6767 - $58,900 Allison Auto. Heavy Spec 20K/46K Rears Low Mile Chassis Southern Truck 46K Lockers Supreme Feed Mixer 550 HP 46K Lockers Heavy Chassis Allison Auto. Allison Auto. 20K/46K Rears Heavy Spec Allison Chassis

2016 MACK CXU613 T/A SLEEPER TRACTOR Mack MP8 12.8L Elec 445 HP; Eng Brake; Mack 12-Spd. Automated Manual; Meritor MT40 – 14X4C 40,000 LB 3.25 R/A; Mack 4 Air Bag 40,000 LB Susp.; 52,000 LB GVW; Air Disc Brakes On F/A; Air Ride 48” Flat Top Sleeper; Runs Well; #TRO-0502235 - $39,900 $35,900 AUTO SHIFT LOW MILES 2021 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 126 T/A SLEEPER TRACTOR Detroit DD15 14.8L Elec 475 HP; Engine Brake; Fuller 10-Spd.; Meritor MT40-14X 40,000 LB 4.33 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag 40,000 LB Susp; 52,000 LB GVW; Air Ride 54” Midroof Sleeper; Runs Well; #TRO-0419233 - $24,900 2021 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 126 T/A SLEEPER TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 470/525 HP; Eng. Brake; Detroit 12-Spd. Automated Manual; Detroit 40,000 LB 3.08 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag Susp; 53,220 LB GVW; Air ride 72” High Roof Double Bunk Sleeper; Air Disc Brakes; Pintle Hook; #TRO-0817234 - $52,900 2018 INTERNATIONAL LT625 T/A SLEEPER TRACTOR Engine Brake; Fuller 10-Spd.; A/C; Meritor MT40-14X 40,000 lbs.; 4 Air Bag 40,000 lbs. Susp.; 52,350 GVW; Air Ride 65” Midroof Sleeper; TRO-0830231 - $34,900 2015 BRENNER ALUMINUM T/A OIL TANK TRAILER 4 Air Bag Susp.; 65,000 LB GVW; 44’L x 8’W x 11’9”H; 8,820 GAL/210 BARREL Capacity; 4”& 5” Product Lines; Hydraulic Transfer Pump; #TRO-1018222 - $34,900 $27,900 2007 GREAT DANE 53’ ALUMINUM T/A DRY BOX TRAILER Slide-able Closed Tandem; 4 Spring Susp.; 53’L x 102”W x 13’6”H; 68,000 LB GVW; Wood/Steel Floor; Rollup Rear Door; #TRO-0821231 - $7,750 2007 MACK GRANITE CV713 T/A DUMP TRUCK Mack AMI Elec 370 HP; Fuller 8LL; Mack 46,000 LB 5.32 R/A; Camelback Bronze Bushing 46,000 LB Susp; 66,000 LB GVW; D.F.; 8’ x 13’6” Aluminum Dump Body, 40” Aluminum Sides; 10’9” W x 3’3” T, 10’ Rubber Edge Wing Plow - 135 Gal Calcium Tank; Runs Well; #TRO-0721231 - $29,900 1987 MACK DM686X S/A WRECKER TRUCK Mack EM6 285 HP; Dynatard; Allison HT750DRD Auto.; Mack 30,000 5.52 R/A; 30,000 LB Spring Susp.; 48,000 lb. GVW; D.F.; Weld Built 6C Ram Rod Wrecker; 30 Ton Capacity; Pintle Hook; Air To Rear; Runs Well; #TRO-0121221 - $29,900 $25,900 2014 VOLVO VNM64T200 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Volvo D13 12.8L Elec 455 HP; Eng. Brake; Volvo I-SHIFT(Clutchless) 12-Spd; Meritor MT40-14X 40,000 3.42 R/A; Volvo 4 air bag 40,000 LB Susp; 52,350 LB GVW; Air Disc Brakes; Pintle Hook; Runs Well; #TRO-0731232 - $14,900 $13,900 2017 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 113 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 470 HP; Eng. Brake; Detroit 12-Spd. (Clutch-less); Detroit RT40-4N 40,000 LB 3.08 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag 40,000 LB Susp.; 52,000 LB GVW; A/C; Runs Well; #TRO-0705232 - $23,900 CHOICE OF (2) 1994 MACK CH612 T/A ELEVATOR DUMP TRUCK Mack EM7 Elec 300 HP; Fuller 9-Spd.; Rockwell 23,000 LB 4.30 R/A; 23,000 LB Spring Susp; 8’W x 18’6” All Steel Dump w/40” Sides; Partial D.F.; Air Up/Down Lift Axle; Runs Well; #TRO-0518233 - $19,900 2011 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 113 S/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 410 HP; Eng. Brake; Fuller 10-Spd; Meritor RS23-160 23,000 LB 2.67 R/A; Airliner 2 Air Bag 20,000 LB Susp.; 32,000# GVW; Pintle Hook, NO FRONT BUMPER, REAR TIRES SINGLED; Runs Well; #TRO-0417232 - $4,900 2014 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 113 S/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 410 HP; Eng Brake; Fuller 10-Spd.; Meritor RS23 – 160 23,000 LB 2.67 R/A; Airliner 2 Air Bag 20,000 LB Susp; 32,000 LB GVW; A/C; Pintle Hook; Runs Well; #TRO-0327233 - $15,900 $8,900 2015 FREIGHTLINER CORONADO 122SD T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 500 HP; Eng Brake; Fuller Ultrashift 13-Spd Automated Clutchless Trans; Meritor MT40 – 14X 40,000 LB 3.42 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag 40,000 LB Susp.; 52,350 LB GVW; Air Disc Brakes; 2 Air Bag Front Axle; Runs Well; #TRO-0313232 - $34,900 $23,900 2005 MACK CHN613 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Mack AC Elec 460 HP; Eng Brake; Fuller 18-Spd; Mack 44,000 LB 3.94 R/A; Mack 4 Air Bag 44,000 LB Susp; 56,000 LB GVW; Wet Line; Runs Well; #TRO-0611211 - $23,900 $19,900 Mack E7 Elec 350 HP; Fuller 8-Spd.; Mack 58,000 lb. 4.42 R/A; Camelback Bronze Bushing 58,000 lb. Susp.; 72,000 LB GVW; Double Frame; Set Up For Frameless Dump; Runs Well; #TRO-1128223 - $24,900 $19,900 1998 MACK CL713 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR 2007 FREIGHTLINER M2-112 T/A BOX TRUCK Mercedes OM460 12.8L Elec 350/450 HP; Fuller RTO14910C-AS 10-Spd. Autoshift Trans. (Clutch); Meritor RT40-145 40,000 lb. 3.58 Rear; Airliner 4-Air Bag 40,000 lb. Susp.; 25’6” x 102” Morgan Box Body; Interlift Hyd. Tailgate (Works Well) 3,800 lb. Capacity; Rollup Door; Translucent Roof; Wood/Steel Floor; Air Brakes; 252” WB; #TRO-0608233 - $10,900 2015 FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 125 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR Detroit DD13 12.8L Elec 450/500 HP; Eng. Brake; Fuller 10-Spd; Meritor MT40-14X 40,000 LB 3.42 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag 40,000 LB Susp; 52,000 lb. GVW; A/C; Air Disc Brakes; Pintle Hook; Air To Rear; Runs Well; #TRO-0802233 - $16,900 2014 LEDWELL LW48 HTHT2-48-1B T/A HYDRAULIC TAIL DROP DECK TRAILER Steel Trailer w/Wood & Steel Floor; 8’ Usable Top Deck @ 56” Top Deck Ht. - 37’9” Main Deck (29’5” Main Deck Before Hinge; 8’4” Hydraulic Rear Deck) @ 36” Main Deck Ht.; 4’10” Fold Under Tail; Hydraulic Winch; 50,000 LB Max Capacity Per 10’; #TRO-0104231 - $34,900 $29,900 Recon 8.3L Cummins Mech 250 HP; Fuller 9-Spd.; Rockwell 34,000 LB 4.10 R/A; Hendrickson Spring 34,000 LB Susp.; 50,000 LB GVW; DF; 8’ x 13’6” Steel Flatbed; National Crane Corp 300B w/16’ – 37’ Reach; 16,000 LB Max Capacity; Winch On Back; Hy-Rail Series 4000 Rail System; Runs & Works Well; #TRO–1006222 - $27,900 $22,900 1995 FORD L8000 T/A FLATBED CRANE TRUCK 2006 KENWORTH T300 S/A FLATBED DUMP TRUCK Cummins ISC Elec 315 HP; Wetline; Air to Air; A/C (works); Fuller 10-Spd. Trans.; Air Operated PTO; 23K Rear; 3.31 Ratio; Air Susp.; 11R22.5 Tires; 30’L x 102”W x 9’8”H; 453,529 Miles; 238” WB; 170” CA; 33,000 lbs. GVW; 8’ x 21’ Steel Body w/Scissor Lift; (6) Ratchets & Straps; 50” Deck Height; 5’5” Headache Rack; Runs Well; Single Frame; Air Brakes; Engine & Diff. Both Seep Oil; #TRO-0311221 - $29,900 $22,900 2005 PETERBILT 330 S/A FLATBED DUMP TRUCK CAT C7 Elec 300 HP; Wetline; Air to Air; A/C (not working); Fuller 9-Spd. Trans.; Air Operated PTO; 23K Rear; 5.38 Ratio; Air Susp.; 11R22.5 Tires; Alum. Wheels (all but one inner rear); 29’8”L x 102”W x 10’4”H; 388,960 Miles; 240” WB; 33,000 lbs. GVW; 8’ x 20’ Steel Body w/Scissor Lift; (6) Ratchets & Straps; 55” Deck Height; 5’5” Headache Rack; Runs Well; Double Frame; Air Brakes; #TRO-0309222 - $27,900 $22,900 2000 FREIGHTLINER FLD120 T/A DAY CAB TRACTOR C15 CAT Elec 475 HP; Eng. Brake; Fuller 10-Spd.; Meritor RT46-160P 46,000 lb. 4.10 R/A; Airliner 4 Air Bag 46,000 lb. Susp.; 60,000 lb. GVW; #TRO–0620221 - $24,900 $21,900 Hino J08E-TB Elec 260 HP; Eaton 6-Spd; Rockwell 21,000 LB 4.11 R/A; 21,000 LB Spring Susp; 33,000 LB GVW; Air Brakes; 8’ x 24’ Morgan Flatbed Body; Wood Floor; 8 Ratchets & Straps; 4’6” Headache Rack; Runs Well; #TRO-0223221 - $18,900 $14,900 2005 HINO 308 S/A FLATBED TRUCK 2020 CORAS THE BOSS T/A FRAMELESS REAR DUMP TRAILER 41’L x 102”W x 11’7”H; Fixed Closed Tandem; 4 Air Bag Susp; Steel Composition; 80-Yard Capacity; Steel Dump Body; 7’ Steel Sides (3/16 Hardox Steel); 1 Multi-Stage Cylinder (Works Well, No Leaks); Swing Tailgate; Air Brakes; Electric Tarper; 44” Deck Height; LED Lights; #TRO-0723221 - $59,900 $49,900 Fax: 845-856-6525 Retail - Wholesale - Export Toll Free: 800-755-8655 Local: 845-856-1142 82 Sleepy Hollow Rd. • P.O. Box 77 Sparrowbush, NY 12780 Port Jervis, NY Area • Minutes From Exit 1 Off Rt. 84 Only 90 Minutes From NYC Or Binghamton! Only 60 Miles From Scranton! 32 ACRES OF TRUCKS & PARTS BEST PRICES, BEST SERVICE DMV #7064208 $WANTED NOW!$ RD & CH MACKS • S/A & T/A WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: $$ CASH REWARD FOR TRUCKS, TRAILERS AND EQUIPMENT TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 2 BLOWOUT PRICE PRE-EMISSIONS 7-SPEED 24’ BODY SEPTEMBER SALE $24,900 46K REARS 475 HP CAT 6NZ SEPTEMBER SALE $14,900 21’ FLATBED DUMP PRE-EMISSIONS 20’ FLATBED DUMP BLOWOUT PRICE SLASH 80-YARD CHOICE OF (2) PRE-EMISSIONS TRUCK HEAVY SPEC 58K REARS (2) AVAILABLE BLOWOUT PRICE BLOWOUT PRICE STARTING @ $27,900 BLOWOUT PRICE RAIL ROAD RAIL SYSTEM 16,000 LB. CRANE CHOICE OF (3) AUTO SHIFT WHOLE OR CUTTING FOR PARTS DETROIT DD13 w/10-SPD. STARTING @ $4,900 2011-2014 CHOICE OF (30) CHOICE OF (2) STARTING @ $12,900 2000-2007 CHOICE OF (3) STARTING @ $14,900 AUTO SHIFT CHOICE OF (2) AUTO. & STANDARD TRANSMISSION 68,160 ORIGINAL MILES TOW TRUCK WATCH ELEVATOR VIDEO 450 HP CUMMINS POWER DETROIT DD15 10-SPEED NICE TRUCK & PRICE CHOICE OF (6) HYDRAULIC TRAILERS CHOICE OF (35) 53’ & 48’ STARTING @ $3,900 NICE TRUCK & PRICE FLEET MAINTAINED

1994 CAT 307 SSR EXCAVATOR Mitsubishi 4D32 Diesel Mech 54 HP; 2-Spd Hydrostatic; 17.5” W Rubber Track - 1 Top Roller, 4 Bottom Rollers; 8’9” Ground Tread; 18’6” Shipping L x 7’9”W x 8’2” Cab Ht.; 7’7” Boom Ht,; 7’6” Main Boom Section 1, 6'8" Main Boom Section 2 w/5’6” Dipper Stick; Bucket: 2’ W x 2’9.5” D x 2’ T - 4 Digging Teeth; Blade: 7’6” W x 1’5.5” T - 7'9" Cutting Edge; Runs Well; #TRO-0605235 – $22,900 2007 GRADALL XL4100 II/ GW-460-41 HIGHWAY SPEED WHEELED EXCAVATOR Mercedes OM906LA Elec 260 HP; Fuller 9-Spd; Rockwell w/DTC On Front Diff 46,000 LB; 46,000 LB Beam Susp; 28’9”L x 102”W x 11’5”H; I-Beam Frame; 2’9” - 2’1” W (Tapers Back) x 3’2” D x 2’10” T Bucket; 4 Digging Teeth; #TRO-1107223 - $42,900 $35,900 2002 JOHN DEERE 310G 4WD BACKHOE John Deere 4CYL Diesel Turbo Mech; 4-Spd Auto; 20’4”L (w/o Bucket) x 7’10”W x11’Boom/7’10”Cab Height; Frt. Bucket: 7’5” W x 1’7” D x 2’10” T; Rear Bucket: 10.5” W x 1’8” D x 2’2” T - 3 Digging Teeth; Extend-A-Hoe, Stick Control; 8’3” Main Boom; 4’9” Dipper Stick Retracted, 9’Extended; #TRO-0127221 - $35,900 $29,900 2017 TERX FUCHS MHL 380 F2 MATERIAL HANDLER Deutz TCD 12.0L V6 Turbo Elec 366 HP; Air To Air; Hydrostatic Trans.; 14.00-24 Tires; 24-Bolt Rims; 9,772 Hours; 24’5” L w/o Boom; 12’5”W w/o Platforms; 12’2” Cab H; 157,000 LB Book Weight; Boom: 60” Reach, Main Boom 31’6”, Dippr Stick 26’3”; Runs & Works Well; Boom Cyl. Seep Oil; Generator For Magnet; 4) Hyd. Outriggers;#TRO-0329234 - $259,900 2009 CAT P36000 DIESEL PNEUMATIC FORKLIFT Mitsu 6-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Elec Air To Air 148 HP; 3-Spd. Auto. Trans.; 12.00-20 Solid Tires; 8-Bolt Steel Rims; 16’9”L (w/o Forks) x 8’8”W x 9’6”H; 13’ Mast Height; 46,500 LB Weiht; 31,700 LB Capacity; Forks: 7”W x 95”L x 3.5” This @ Base; Runs & Works Wel; Hyd. Side Shift; Hyd. Fork Positioners (Both Cyl. Minor Seepage); Double Mast; 157” Loading Height; Open Cab; #TRO-0227232 - $99,900 2004 TOYOTA 7FGCU25 PROPANE FORKLIFT Toyota 2.2L 4 CYL; Auto 1 FWD, 1 REV; 7’8”L (w/o Forks) x 3’4”W x 6’8”H; 80” Loading Height; 4,350 LB Capacity; Forks: 5” W x 39” L X 1.25” Thick; Dual Mast; 5 Degrees Of Back Tilt; Runs & Works Well; #TRO-0224231 - $4,500 2012 KOBELCO SK260-9 EXCAVATOR FPT 6.7L Turbo Diesel 190 HP; Hydrostatic Trans; Tracks: 28” W x 9” L Single Grouser Pads - 15’4” Ground Tread - 9 Bottom & 2 Top Rollers; 32’10”L (w/boom down) x 10’10”W x 11’2”H; 75% UC; Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Bucket: 3’10” W x 3’7” T x 3’2” D - 5 Digging Teeth; 9’ Dipper Stick; Backup Camera; Runs Well; #TRO-1101222 - $57,900 $49,900 2012 HYSTER H190HD2 DIESEL PNEUMATIC FORK LIFT Cummins 6-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Elec Air To Air; Monotrol 3-Spd. Auto. Trans.; 22’3”L (w/o Forks) x 8’W x 11’3” Height; 29,460 LB Weight; 18,000 LB Capacity; Forks: 95.5”L x 8”W x 2.5” Thick @ Base; Runs & Works Well; Both Tilt Cylinders Seep Oil; Side Shift; Double Mast; 12’ Loading Height; Enclosed Cab; #TRO-0331221 - $79,900 2014 TOYOTA 8FGCU25 FORKLIFT Toyota 2.2L 4 CYL Propane Mech 50 HP; Monotrol - 1 FWD 1 REV; 7’10”L (w/o Forks) x 3’5”W x 6’10”H; 7’ Mast Height; 189” Loading Height; 4,600 LB Capacity; Forks: 4.75” W x 40"”L x 1.5” Thick; Triple Mast; 5 Degrees Of Back Tilt; Hydraulic Side Shift; 4th Valve; Runs & Works Well; #TRO-1201223 - $19,900 $17,900 1999 CATERPILLAR IT62G WHEEL LOADER CAT 3126 Mech Inj 260 HP; Automatic 4-Spd. Trans.; Enclosed Cab; Runs Well; Bucket and Forks; Hydraulic Quick Disconnect; 3rd Valve; A/C (Not Working); 9’4” Wide Bucket; 7” W x 44” L Forks; 16,103 Hours; #TRO-0411223 - $56,900 $49,900 As Described 2010 CASE 580 SUPER M SERIES 3 BACKHOE Case 445T/M2 Elec 95 HP; Auto. 4-Spd.; 25’7” L x 7’W x 9’ Boom Height; 9’2” Cab Height; 10’6” Loading Height; Frt. Bucket: 6’9” W x 2’4” D x 2’7” T; Rear Bucket: 2’10” W x 2’ D x 2’5” T - 7 Digging Teeth; 8’ Main Boom; 6’ Dipper Stick Retracted; 9’6” Extended; Runs Well; #TRO-1031225 - $47,900 $44,900 2016 HITACHI ZX135US-5B EXCAVATOR Isuzu AM-4JJ1X - Cyl. Elec 103HP; Hydrostatic Trans.; Shipping Dimensions: 24’L x 8’9”W x 9’3” Cab Ht.; 10’5” Boom Ht.; EROPS; 10’6” Boom w/10' Dipper Stick; Hydr. Quick Disconnect Bucket: 1’8.5” W x 2’2” D x 2’9” T; Runs & Works Well; #TRO-0602234 - $72,900 $69,900 2010 CAT 314D L CR MIDI EXCAVATOR CAT C4.2 4.2L Diesel Elec 90 HP; Hydrostatic 2-Spd.; 20” W x 8’ L Triple Grouser Pads - 2 Top Rollers 7 Bottom Rollers; 12’3” Ground Tread; 25’10”L Shipping Length; 8’3”W x 9’2” Cab Ht. x 10’ Boom Ht.; 15’ Boom w/9’2” Dipper Stick; Bucket: 2’7” W x 2’5” D x 2’5” T - Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Bucket - 5 Digging Teeth; Blade: 8’2” W x 1’11” T; Hydraulic Thumb; Joystick Control; Runs & Works Well; #TRO-0521231 - $69,900 2007 CAT D4G XL BULLDOZER CAT 3046 6-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Mech 87 HP; Hydrostatic Trans.; Tread: 18”W x 5.75”L; Single Grouser Pads; 9’10” Ground Tread; 7 Bottom Rollers, 1 Top Roller; 2,748 Hours; Length: 13’L x 6’5”W x 9’2”H; 75% U/C; 17,196 lbs. Weight; 6-Way Hyd. Blade: 8’7” Wide x 3’3” Tall Steel Edge; Runs and Works Well; All Cylinders Dry; Open ROPS; #TRO-0627222 - $59,900 $49,900 2015 NEW HOLLAND W80B TC WHEEL LOADER New Holland 4-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Mech 82 HP; Hydrostatic Trans.; 16’2”L w/o Attachments x 6’4”W x 9’1”H; Bucket: 6’8” W x 2’1” D x 3’6” H - 6’10.5” Steel Edge; 3rd Valve; Skidsteer Style Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Coupler; Runs & Works Well; #TRO–0616222 - $65,900 $59,900 2015 KOMATSU PC88MR-10 MINI HI – RAIL EXCAVATOR Komatsu 3.26L 4-Cyl. Diesel Elec 68 HP; Hydrostatic; Tracks: 18” W x 6” L Grouser Pads - 1 Top Roller 5 Bottom Rollers; 9’4” Ground Tread; 22’6” Shipping L x 7’7”W x 9’ Cab & Boom Ht.; 11’2” Boom w/7’ Dipper Stick; Bucket: 2'9" W x 1’10” D x 2’5” T – Man. Quick Disconnect w/7 Teeth; Smooth Edge; Runs Well; #TRO-0608231 - $53,500 $49,900 2017 KUBOTA SSV SKID STEER Kubota 4-Cyl. Turbo Diesel 64HP; 2-Spd Hydrostatic; 8’9”L (w/o Bucket) x 5’7”W x 6’10”H; 9’4” Loading Ht.; Hydr. Quick Disconnect Bucket: 5’6” W x 2’6" D x 1’4”" T-5’6.5” Steel Edge; EROPS w/A/C; All Pins and Bushings Good; Three Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines; #TRO-0906232 - $29,500 2005 CASE JX95 AGRICULTURAL TRACTOR w/LOADER ATTACHMENT 4x4; Iveco 8045.25L.939 4-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Mech 94 HP - Glow Plugs; 8-Spd. Manual; 13’L w/o Loader & Bucket; 18’L x 8’W x 9’5”H; Case AG Loader Attachment; 6’10”W x 2’5” T x 1’10” D - 7’2” Steel Edge Manual Quick Disconnect Bucket; P/S; 3 Pt. Hitch w/Aux. Hydraulics; Ready To Work!; #TRO- 0114221 - $39,900 $36,900 2002 CAT IT62G WHEEL LOADER CAT 3126 Mech 260 HP; 4-Spd Auto; 22’10”L w/o Bucket; 26’7”L w/Bucket x 9’W x 11’2”H; Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Bucket: 9’4” W x 2’9” D x 5’ T - 9’7” Cutting Edge (4’9.5” of it is square steel plate); Enclosed Cab; Ride Control; All Cylinders Dry; Runs Well; #TRO-0607211 - $58,500 $56,900 1979 CAT 16G MOTOR GRADER CAT 3406A Mech Inj; Auto Trans 8FWD/8REV; 38’L x 10’7”W x 12’2”H; Hydraulic Ripper w/7 Mounts For Teeth (2 Ripper Teeth Installed); 16’ W x 2’5” T Blade; All Hydraulics Work Well; Runs Well; #TRO-0917201 - $46,900 $36,900 2000 CAT IT38G WHEEL LOADER CAT 3126 147 HP; 4-Spd Auto; 21’6” w/o Bucket x 8’11”W x 11’H; Hydraulic Quick Connect Bucket: 8’11” Wide - 3’6” Deep - 4’4” Tall; Closed ROPS; Recent Engine Work; Runs Well; #TRO-0321221 - $59,900 $49,900 1998 JCB 426B WHEEL LOADER Perkins 6-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Mech 132 HP; 4-Spd Auto Trans; 19’4”L (w/o Attachments) x 8’3”W x 10’8”H; Open Cab; Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Bucket: 8’4” W x 2’3” D x 3’9” H - 8’4” Steel Edge; Forks: 6” W x 59” L x 2.25” Thick; All Pins & Bushings Okay; 3rd Valve; Runs & Works Well w/No Leaks; #TRO-0518223 - $28,900 $26,900 Fax: 845-856-6525 Retail - Wholesale - Export Toll Free: 800-755-8655 Local: 845-856-1142 82 Sleepy Hollow Rd. • P.O. Box 77 Sparrowbush, NY 12780 Port Jervis, NY Area • Minutes From Exit 1 Off Rt. 84 Only 90 Minutes From NYC Or Binghamton! Only 60 Miles From Scranton! 32 ACRES OF TRUCKS & PARTS BEST PRICES, BEST SERVICE DMV #7064208 $WANTED NOW!$ RD & CH MACKS • S/A & T/A WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: $$ CASH REWARD FOR TRUCKS, TRAILERS AND EQUIPMENT SAVE $$$$ OVER 100,000 USED TRUCK PARTS 1970’s-2013 WHOLESALE/EXPORT PRICES MACK, FREIGHTLINER, INTERNATIONAL, KENWORTH, PETERBILT, STERLING, VOLVO, FOREIGN, ETC. USED CABS • DOORS • HOODS • FENDERS • TIRES-RIMS • MOTORS • REARS TRANSMISSIONS • FRONT AXLES • RADIATORS • FUEL TANKS • STEERING TOO MUCH TO LIST CHECK HTTP://WWW.TROVEI.COM CALL: 845-856-1142 SEPTEMBER SALE (12) LOADERS ALL SIZES STARTING @ $8,900 TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 3 4x4 SEPTEMBER BLOWOUT PRICE CHOICE OF (3) QUICK CONNECT 3RD VALVE NICE, NICE PRICE HYD. THUMB & BLADE COMES w/QC BUCKET & FORKS 94 HP BIG POWER SKID STEER HYDRAULIC QUICK CONNECT 527 HOURS VERY NICE SEPTEMBER SALE $49,900 CHOICE OF (3) BLOWOUT PRICE SEPTEMBER SALE $36,900 QUICK CONNECT BUCKET 6-WAY BLADE CLEAN STRONG UC LOW HOURS WORK READY SUPER SALE $49,900 STARTING @ $2,900 CHOICE OF (80) NICE WORK READY MACHINE (5) OTHERS STARTING @ $16,900 (8) OTHERS 8,000 TO 36,000 LB. CAPACITY STARTING @ $10,900 CHEAP (12) OTHER LOADERS RAIL GEAR CONSIDER BEST OFFER 30 KW GENERATOR LOWER HOURS 60’ REACH BLOWOUT PRICE - NICE - NICE MACHINE VERY CLEAN GREAT PRICE WON’T LAST BLOWOUT PRICE GET HERE FIRST! CLEAN HANDY NICE CHEAP 31,700 LB. CAPACITY FORKS 95 INCHES SIDE SHIFT SIDE SHIFT 18,000 LB. CAPACITY FORKS 92.5 INCHES

Complete Trucks, Trucks For Parts, Trucks For Scrap, Machinery, Trailers. EXPORTAMOS — 35 YEARS EXPORTING WORLDWIDE!!! 100 LAMONT STREET ELMSFORD, NY 10523 “20 Miles North Of New York City” 866-925-9912 Ask For Tim, Ed, or Max (Español) WE BUY TRUCKS! MACK MP7 ENGINE CUMMINS ISB ENGINE TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 4 CUMMINS ISB 6.7L 220 HP MACK MDRIVE ATO2612D TRANSMISSION DETROIT DIESEL DT12-OA TRANSMISSION MACK MP8 ENGINE NAVISTAR DT 530 ENGINE TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 5

TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 6 TRUCK BLOWER PACKAGES TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 7 GENEVATruck & Equipment, Inc. (I-79 at Exit 141) Cochranton, PA 16314 WE BUY LATE MODEL USED TRUCKS! FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED APPLICANTS VISIT: CALL JIM: 800-722-7709 Local: 814-282-3433 2019 PETERBILT 579 SLEEPER ISX Cummins 500 Engine, 10-Speed Auto. Trans., 70” Sleeper, Stk. # N23-25A.........$45,000 2018 PETERBILT 388 SLEEPER PACCAR 500 HP Engine, 10-Speed Trans., 356,000 Miles, Major Component Warranty To 750,000 miles, 63” Sleeper, Stk. # N23-94.....................$65,000 2017 KENWORTH T680 SLEEPER Cummins X15 Engine, 10-Speed Trans., 925,483 Miles, 72” Sleeper, Stk. # N23-50......................$38,500 2020 FREIGHTLINER CORONADO GLIDER 500 Detroit, 13-Speed, 70” Sleeper, Espar Bunk Heater .............................$115,000 UNUSED 2024 WESTERN STAR 4900EX SLEEPER, 525 HP Cummins Engine, 13-Speed Trans., 70” Sleeper ...............................................$179,500 2016 KENWORTH T680 SLEEPER Cummins Engine, Auto. Trans., All Alum Wheels, Air Slide 5th Wheel, 738,636 Miles, Stk. # N23-23..........................$36,500 2018 INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR SLEEPER Cummins Engine, 70” Sleeper, 10-Speed Auto. Trans., 623,000 Miles, Air Slide 5th Wheel, Stk. # N23-56..........................$32,000 2018 WESTERN STAR 5700 SLEEPER Detroit DD-15 Engine, 12-Speed Auto. Trans., 82” Sleeper, Stk. # N23-75.......................$58,000 2015 GREAT DANE 50’x102” LOW PRO DROP DECK TRAILER Air Ride ......................................$25,000 2017 INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR Cummins Engine, 10-Speed Trans., 399,507 Miles, Air Slide 5th Wheel, Stk. # N23-50A...............$24,000 2015 PETERBILT 579 SLEEPER PACCAR 455 Engine, 10-Speed Trans., 70” Sleeper, Stk. # N23-87A...........$28,000 2015 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR SLEEPER 500 HP Cummins Engine, 18-Speed Trans., 560,000 Miles, 70" Sleeper, Engine Rebuild At 30,000 Miles With Paper Work, Stk. # N23-51.......................$48,500 Extended Drive Train Warranty Available with all trucks listed below!"

Built for this. At Mack, we design, build and deliver the tools and services that support your business success and achieve the results you desire. When you succeed, so do we. You can count on our trucks and our people to handle any job and face whatever road lies ahead. We consider that expectation a privilege. We are Mack. We are Born Ready. Mack Anthem® Mack Pinnacle™ Mack Granite® Mack LR Mack TerraPro® Mack MD Series Born of the American spirit, the new Mack Anthem comes standard with a bold design that delivers serious aerodynamics and a new interior that keeps drivers comfortable and productive. The Mack Pinnacle is a versatile workhorse for all your on-road/off-road jobs. It delivers power, fuel economy and maneuverability throughout the day and across diverse business needs. The Granite’s lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and its Mack MP engine is power and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit. Do more than get the job done – own it. Our new LR models offer multiple driving and door options to eliminate downtime and keep the driver firmly and efficiently in charge of the workday The TerraPro Cabover delivers a rugged exterior, comfortable interior, superior visibility on all sides and Mack Truck toughness for the construction and refuse industries. Mack is taking on the medium-duty market with our all-new MD Series: the MD6, MD6 Low Profile, and MD7. These three rugged trucks range in dimensions and power, to give you just what you need for all applications and terrains. Driving Progress. It’s our promise At Volvo Trucks, we have an unmatched tradition of pushing the limits, setting new standards and driving innovation. Not for its own sake, but because it matters. It matters to truck drivers, truck owners, the transport industry – even to society as a whole. We’re always engaged and ready to embrace new challenges. To apply our knowledge, commitment and creativity to come up with better solutions, large and small. Solutions that enhance safety, make customers operations more successful, and contribute to a more sustainable future. This is leading innovation – by people, for people. At Volvo Trucks, our main focus is meeting the needs of our customers. This is achieved by focusing on four principles: fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime. Volvo VNR Electric Series The future is now. Volvo VNR Series The future of regional hauling - today. Volvo VNL Series 25 years of changing the game. Volvo VNX Series Setting the standard for heavy haul. Volvo VHD Series Ready to get the job done. Volvo VAH Series Designed and built specifically for auto haulers TRANSEDGE TRUCK CENTERS 1501 BEAVER AVE. PITTSBURGH, PA 15233 888-284-0083 CAMBRIA TRUCK CENTER 116 TALMADGE ROAD EDISON, NJ 08817 800-525-0596 TRI-COUNTY TRUCK CENTERS 1098 STATE ROUTE 28 & 66 KITTANNING, PA 16201 724-548-1548 BALTIMORE TRUCK CENTER 610 NURSERY ROAD LINTHICUM, MD 21090 410-636-6200 WATTS TRUCK CENTER 8059 ROUTE 22 NEW ALEXANDRIA, PA 15670 724-668-2201 TRANSEDGE TRUCK CENTERS 1407 BULLDOG DRIVE ALLENTOWN, PA 18105 800-982-9640 ATTENTION MACK and VOLVO DEALERS: Reserve Your Space On This Page! CALL: 800-571-1496 TRANSEDGE TRUCK CENTERS 247 ROUTE 61 S. SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA 17972 800-826-2583 Contact your local Mack/Volvo truck dealer today! TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 8 TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 9

TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 10 Email: [email protected] • • 1-800-542-5032 • Authorized International Truck & Cummins • Sales • Service • Parts • Warranty • All Makes Commerical Trucks Parts, Sales, and Service 24/7 Heavy Duty Towing, Accident Recovery & Emergency Road Service 939 John Stark Hwy. Newport, NH 287 Washington St. Claremont, NH 2004 CADILLAC XLR PERFORMANCE ROADSTER Very Clean, Garage Kept, 45,000 Original Miles, Retractable Hardtop ..........................................................$24,500. 2012 INTERNATIONAL 740 DT @ 300 HP, Allison Trans., 16K F/A, 30K R/A, 40,700 lb. GVW, A/C, Trailer Brakes, Everest Plow Gear, Well Maintained........................$38,500. 2008 VOLVO DUMP TRUCK D13 @ 405 HP, 8LL Trans., 20K and 46K Axles, Truck Will Come Fully Equipped With Plow Gear...$39,900. 2013 FREIGHTLINER SD114 DD13 Engine, Allison Trans., Everest 14’ Live Floor Body, Truck Includes Plow and Wing Blades, Well Maintained Muni Trade. 2016 INTERNATIONAL 4300 CAB & CHASSIS AR/AB, Cummins Engine, Allison Auto., Non-CDL...$49,500. 2006 STERLING DUMP TRUCK 380 HP, 8LL, 18K F/A, 46K Rears, Power Reversible Blade and Wing, Live Floor Sander Dump, Double Spinners.....$32,500. 2008 INTERNATIONAL 7400 16K F/A, 30K R/A, DT466, 8LL, Center Conveyor Dump Body, Plow & Wing Included.....$15,900. 2007 INTERNATIONAL 7400 16K F/A, 30K R/A, HT570 Engine, Engine Brake, Allison, With Retarder, Tenco Equipment, Power Reversible Plow, Wing, 98,000 Miles...$36,900. TRADES ACCEPTED MORE PLOW TRUCKS COMING SOON! 2006 EAGER BEAVER XPT 20-TON EQUIPMENT TRAILER 25 ft. MAIN DECK, 6 ft. BEAVER TAIL, 6 ft. RAMPS, COMPLETELY REFURBISHED, NEW OAK DECK, LED LIGHTS, FOUR NEW TIRES, NO RUST .................................................................$11,500 Location: COLUMBUS, NEW JERSEY 609-209-6429 1997 INTERNATIONAL 4900 22’ STEEL FLATBED ROLLBACK 35,000 MILES ON ENGINE & CLUTCH REBUILD, 524,413 CURRENT MILES, ALL TIRES 80% OR BETTER, CURRENT PA INSPECTION, MECHANICAL DT466 ENGINE, GOOD SOLID TRUCK USED DAILY, WINCH WORKS BUT IS NOT HOOKED UP....$15,000 Location: ELLIOTTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 717-275-5124 Sales & Service 570-435-0752 KEYSTONE TARPS REPAIR • PARTS DIAGNOSTICS 717-530-1778 REGISTER YOUR TRAILERS FOR AS LITTLE AS $20 PER YEAR! NO TAXES! Nationwide. Fast, Easy & Reliable! Toll Free: 877-886-4414 Email: [email protected] Service • Sales • Parts Specializing in Detroit Diesel 267 Green Hill Road Newville, PA 17241 Phone: 717-776-7725 Fax: 717-776-4127 OVERHAUL KITS IN STOCK FOR DETROIT DIESEL 11.1L / 12.7L / 14.0L / DD13 / DD15 OVERHAUL KITS AVAILABLE FOR CAT, CUMMINS, NAVISTAR, MACK, VOLVO, JOHN DEERE, DEUTZ, PERKINS TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 11 MEET THE STRONGEST CONTENDERS Available for Dump Bodies, Trailers, Roll Offs, and more. Available up to 16’ wide..... 330-296-7703 See Us For All Your Lining Needs at All products manufactured under ISO 9001 Certification Check us out and like us on Facebook! QUICKSILVER Often Imitated, Never Duplicated • 100% virgin UHMW-PE • 6% Silicone — Industry Best Release & Longevity • Haul Hot Asphalt — Industry Best Warranty HAULK • 100% virgin UHMW-PE • Glass beads formulated throughout the liner for extreme abrasion resistance. • Designed for highly abrasive materials: rip rap, alloys, auto fluff, highly abrasive stone, etc DURAPRO Haul Away The Savings! • Heavy-Duty reprocessed UHMW-PE • 2% Silicone for added release! • 3 & 5 Year Non-Prorated Warranty!

TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 12 Akron & Cleveland, OH 330-608-9087 Adam: [email protected] Steve: [email protected] 2009 Freightliner M2 Tandem Auto. Dump Truck Mercedes 350 HP, Allison Auto., 128K Miles, 14’ Steel Dump, Electric Tarp, Trailer Hookups, Southern County Truck (2) 2010 International 7400 Auto. Dumps DT Max, Allison Auto, Double Framed, 15’ Steel Dumps, Electric Tarps, 200K Miles, FL Gov’t Trucks 2001 Sterling Tandem Axle Dump Truck Cummins 8.3L, Allison Auto., 214K Miles, 14’ Steel Dump, Electric Tarp, Florida County Truck 2013 Peterbilt 367 Automatic Day Cab PACCAR 405 HP, Allison 4500 Auto., Wetline, Air Ride, 227K Miles, Clean Southern County Truck. 2014 Freightliner FLD Tri-Axle Chassis Detroit 450 HP, Eaton 10C, Double Framed, 46K R/A, Engine Brake, Full Lockers, Air Ride, 300K Miles, 168” CA, 261” End Of Frame 2016 Western Star 4700SF Detroit 455 HP, Eaton 10C, Engine Brake, Full Lockers, Cruise, Power Mirrors, PTO w/Blower System, 402K Miles, Southern Truck 15332 Molly Pitcher Highway Greencastle, PA 17225 717-597-0310 [email protected] Trucks for All Your Needs - Specializing in Agri-Business Vehicles 2011 Freightliner Cascadia DD15 Detroit 475 HP, Jake, 10-Spd., 14K/40K Axles, 3/4 Locks, 210” WB, Only 62K Miles!! - $49,500 2015 Peterbilt 367 ISX15 Cummins 600 HP, Jake, 18-Spd., 20K/20K/66K Axles, Double Frame, Full Locks, 45K Miles - $159,500 2012 Mack CHU613 MP8-415, 13-Spd., 14K/44K Axles, Camelback, 207” WB, Wetline, Only 30K Miles!! - $79,500 2005 Great Dane 53’ Van 102" Wide, Spring Susp., Roll Door, Logistics Posts 24” OC - $6,500 2016 Freightliner M2 Box Truck 171K Miles, 25 ft. Box w/Liftgate, In-Law Cab, Cummins ISB 6.7 220 6-Cyl. Engine, Automatic Trans., 26,000 lb. GVWR ..............$45,000 2018 Dodge Ram 5500 w/IMT Utility Crane Body 223K Miles, 6.7L Turbo, VERY Clean Interior. (New Controller & Receiver For Crane To Be Installed) 2017 Freightliner Cascadia (Part Out) DT12 Transmission, 40K Rears, Clean Hood & Other Parts! BUY / SELL / TRADE / CONSIGN 668 N. Mast Road New Boston, NH 03070 603-660-6994 **DON'T SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, GIVE US A CALL AND WE WILL FIND IT FOR YOU!** 2014 International 4300 Box Truck 210K Miles, 24 ft. Box w/Liftgate, Eaton 6-Spd. Manual Trans., New Oil Pan and Injector ............................................................$28,000 1999 Freightliner FL60 Reefer 263K Miles, Runs and Drives, Reefer In Good Shape ......$11,600 COMING SOON! 1999 Kenworth W900L 550 HP CAT 1LW (Just Rebuilt), Reman 13-Spd. Trans., Super Clean Truck, All New Brakes, Low Air Leaf Susp., Frame’s Bent But Great Donor...CALL WITH NEEDS

WE HAVE OVER (40) STERLINGS - ALL MODELS That We Are Currently Parting Out! Hoods, Doors, Fuel Tanks, Engines, Transmissions, Etc. STERLING PARTS 2002 Trail King End Dump Trailer, Fresh Tires, Dual Gate - $16,500 2014 Mack CXU613 FOR PARTS, Strong running MP8, FRO16210C, 40K Rears, Rust Free Doors, APU, And Lots More To Offer. TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 13 WE ARE NOW NYS CERTIFIED FOR REPAIRS AND INSPECTIONS FLEET & REFUSE TRUCKS PURCHASED FOR PARTS REBUILT ENGINES WITH WARRANTY View Our Inventory Of Used & Rebuilt Parts At We Also Have Another 2,500 Trucks On 40 Acres Not On Our Website. We Also Have Another 2,500 Trucks On 40 Acres Not On Our Website. View Our Inventory Of Used & Rebuilt Parts At USED & AFTERMARKET HOODS AVAILABLE NEW SALVAGE VEHICLES ARRIVING DAILY Plenty of Heavy Spec Rears! FULLER TRANSMISSIONS: RTLO18918B Rebuilt, RTLO18913 Rebuilt and Take Outs, RTO16908LL Rebuilt and Take Outs, FRO16210C Rebuilt and Take Outs 46,000# REAR CUTOFFS: Spicer 46-170 3.91, 5.25, 6.14 Ratios, DD461 4.56, DS462 5.29, 3.70 MACK 4.17, 4.42, 4.64, 5.02 46-160 4.30, 4.56, 4.89, 6.14 1998 Volvo WX64, 60K Miles, L10 @ 300 HP, 4060P Trans., 20K Front, 46K Lockers, 5.38 Ratio, RUST FREE - $18,500 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 with 14 ft. Fibergalss Box, 6.4L Gas Engine Is Blown, Only 233,000 Miles 2014 Freightliner Cascadia, BAD DD15, FRO16210C Trans., 40K Rears, Nice Cab and Hood 2004 Ford F750, C7 CAT Engine, Allison Trans., 20-Yd. Heil Packer - $10,500 2006 Western Star 4900, Truck Had Cab & Engine Fire, CAT C15 6NZ (Needs Rebuilding), Fuller RTLO18918B Trans., Rockwell 46,000 lb. Full Locking Rears On Hendrickson Susp. w/56” Spread, 16’ Frame Behind Cab 1998-2003 Freightliner FL80 - Parting Out 3 Trucks, Cummins 8.3L Low Mile Engines (One Is Mechanical), Allison Trans., Rockwell 30,000 lb. Single Axle Rears 2013 Peterbilt 320 (Parting Out), Cummins ISL CNG Engine, Allison Automatic, Spicer 46-170 Rears 2017 Volvo VNL, ROAD READY On Top, D13 Engine, AT2612 Trans., 40K Rears, 2.47 Ratio, 600K On Truck w/Transferable Warranty On Engine, Transmission and DEF System - $67,500 COMPLETE TANDEM CUTOFFS 46,000 LB., AIR RIDE OR SPRING IN MOST RATIOS PRICES START @ $2,950 WE HAVE OVER 75 MACKS IN OUR YARD WHOLE OR PARTS MANY OTHER LATE MODEL REFUSE TRUCKS FOR PARTS ROAD READY 2010 IC Corporation Bus, 220 HP Cummins ISB 6.7L, Engine Has 50,000 Miles On It, Allison Transmission - $9,750 FOR PARTS FOR PARTS

Whatever the job, there's an International® Truck built for it. MEDIUM DUTY MEDIUM DUTY SEVERE DUTY SEVERE DUTY HEAVY DUTY HEAVY DUTY HEAVY DUTY MEDIUM DUTY HEAVY DUTY HEAVY DUTY SEVERE DUTY CV™ SERIES Resilient across all seasons, the CV™ Series is built to help your business flourish. MV™ SERIES The ultimate in medium-duty versatility, the MV™ Series delivers on your expectations. HV™ SERIES Tough enough for any job, it's also built to work smarter, with an interior built around you. HX™ SERIES Two all-new model engineered to take on the most punishing of job sites, and ask for more. LONESTAR® Proven reliability, optimal fuel efficiency and daring aerodynamic design never goes out of style LT® SERIES Inspired, designed and built to exceed the demands of the road and driver. RH™ SERIES Manufactured for maximum maneuverability and visibility, you’d be hard pressed to find a better truck for your city-driving needs. DURASTAR® Reliable power and commercial-grade components make an easy job of your job. PROSTAR® Offering up to 11% greater fuel economy vs. the competition means, well, there is no competition. TRANSTAR® Best-in-class maneuverability and visibility handle tight corners and even tighter deadlines with ease. WORKSTAR® Severe duty demands a truck that delivers the power, performance and a never quit attitude. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL INTERNATIONAL® DEALER FOR MORE INFORMATION! INTERNATIONAL® IT’S UPTIME.TM ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL DEALERS! RESERVE YOUR SPACE ON THIS PAGE TODAY! Call: 800-571-1496 DEL-VAL INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 1034 Bethlehem Pike Montgomeryville, PA 18936 215-641-5800 HUNTER TRUCK - SWEDESBORO 2320 High Hill Rd. Swedesboro, NJ 08085 856-241-8890 HUNTER TRUCK - EAU CLAIRE 101 E. Main St. Eau Claire, PA 16030 724-791-2525 ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL DEALERS! RESERVE YOUR SPACE ON THIS PAGE TODAY! Call: 800-571-1496 LOWE & MOYER GARAGE, INC. 731 Church St. Fogelsville, PA 18051 610-395-2072 ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL DEALERS! RESERVE YOUR SPACE ON THIS PAGE TODAY! Call: 800-571-1496 TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 14 ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL DEALERS! RESERVE YOUR SPACE ON THIS PAGE TODAY! Call: 800-571-1496 TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 15 107 Flyatt Road Vincentown, NJ 08088 609-268-1350 ATLANTIC TRAILER LEASING 2,500 Trailer and 500 Containers • Modification Specialists • Trailer Repair RENT OR BUY! CALL KAREN TODAY! EMAIL: [email protected] • See us on FACEBOOK NEW & USED TRUCKS, TRAILERS, BODIES, EQUIPMENT...FINANCING AVAILABLE, RENTALS Used Truck Sales: Ask For DUSTY McDONALD After Hours 330-351-5004 4216 Southway Street SW • Canton, Ohio 44706 Hours: Sales 8 AM - 5 PM (M-F) • Parts & Service 7 AM - 11 PM (M-F) For Mitsubishi-Fuso Needs: Ask For DAVID SHAWVER After Hours 330-705-3650 (5) 2016 Mack Pinnacle CXU613 Daycabs Southern Trucks; 2016 Mack Low Mile Daycabs From 304,363 to 414,000 Miles; 445 HP Mack MP8; Mack mDRIVE 12-Spd. Auto. Trans.; Air Rride; 3.25 Ratio; 12,000# F/A; 40,000# R/A; 185” WB; Full Service & Ready To Go To Work! Can Install Wetlines; Stk. # 78881.....................Starting @ $76,000 2020 Mack Anthem 64T 70” High Rise Sleeper Just Arrived! Fully Serviced & DOT Certified; 445 HP Mack 445e MP8; Mack mDRIVE 12-Spd. Auto. Trans.; Engine Brake; 398,057 Miles; Loaded; Air Ride; ATC; Tires 85% Or Better; Sliding 5th Wheel; 221” WB; 2.47 Ratio; Interaxle Locks; Mack Trucks Extended Warranty; Stk. # 117565...................................$110,000 2016 International Prostar 56’ Mid-Roof Sleeper Single Bunk; 450 HP International N-13 Diesel Engine; Eaton Fuller 10-Spd. Manual Trans.; Air Ride Susp.; Single Frame; Dash Navigation System; Engine Brake; 212” WB; 450,158 Miles; 12,000# F/A; 40,000# R/A; Stk. # 118050...................................$58,000 2003 Mack Granite CV713 Dump Truck 2003 Mack Pre-Emission Tri-Axle Dump Truck; 400 HP Mack E-TECH; Eaton-Fuller 8LL Manual Trans.; Double Frame; 18,000# F/A; 44,000# R/A; 18.5’ Steel Dump Body; Hendrickson Rear Susp.; Interaxle Lock; Flip Tarp; Air Gate; Heavy Duty; Stk. # 2003REDGRANITE..................$58,000 2007 Western Star 4900 Dump Truck 2007 Pre-Emission Western Star Tri-Axle Dump Truck; 515 HP Detroit 60 Series; Engine Brake; Eaton-Fuller 18-Spd. Manual Trans.; Diff Locks; 20,000# F/A; 46,000# R/A; Block Susp.; 266” WB; PTO; Double Frame; 20’ Lond Steel Dump Body; Air Power Roll Tarp; Stk. # 07WESTSTARDUMP..................$66,000 2012 Mack Granite GU713 Dump Truck 2012 Mack Granite Quad Axle Dump Truck; Rhodes Alum. Body; Mack MP8 Engine; Eaton-Fuller 18-Spd. Manual Trans.; Double Frame; 18,000# F/A; 44,000# R/A; 576,514 Miles; Interaxle Lock; Engine Brake; (2) Steerable Lift Axles; Electric Tarp; DOT Certified; Fully Serviced; Ready To Go To Work; Stk. # 165515...................................$100,500 2017 Mitsubish Fuso FE160 Box Truck 160 HP Diesel Engine; 6-Spd. Auto. Trans.; 151” WB; Spring Susp.; 16’ Van Body w/Rollup Door & Lift Gate; 49,901 Miles; 16,000# GVW; A/C; Fully Loaded; Stk. # 1062.......................................$63,000 2015 Mack Pinnacle CXU613 70” Hi-Rise Sleeper Single Bunk; Dual wetline; 505 HP Mack MP8; M-Drive 12-Spd. Auto.; 61,865 Miles; Single Frame; 236” WB; 80,000# GVW; Fixed 5th Wheel; Fully Loaded!!; Stk. # 2015 SLEEPER TRUCK.............$78,000 CALL 800-231-0853 or 330-477-8127 JUST ARRIVED

TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 16 HEAVY TRUCKS & TRAILERS / CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Route 301 & Route 5 BRANDYWINE, MD 20613 Call: 866-545-1926 or 301-372-0083 Fax: 301-372-8773 2020 KENWORTH T800 TRI-AXLE DUMP TRUCK 186,260 Miles; MX-13 @ 455 HP; 8LL Trans.; 17’ Ox Bodies Body; ONE OWNER; Double Frame - $154,900 2015 FORD F750 ROLLBACK TRUCKS 195K and 227K Miles; Century 24’ Bodies; Cummins 280 HP; Auto. Trans.; Air Ride Susp.; 12,000 lbs. Winch - $59,900 EACH 2013 KENWORTH T270 UTILITY TRUCK 97,275 Miles; 325 HP Paccar; Allison Auto.; 11’ FX Body; Air Ride; Fuel Tank & Hose; UNDER CDL! - $67,500 2005 MACK CV713 TRI-AXLE DUMP TRUCK 564,850 Miles; 427 HP; Eaton 8LL Trans.; 17'6" Lanau Dump Body; Camelback Susp.; Double Frame; NEW PAINT! - $74,500 2007 FORD F-750 17-TON BOOM TRUCK ONE OWNER; 10,295 Miles; Cummins Engine, BT3470 Boom; 20’ Flatbed; Ceritfied - $62,900 2013-2015 KENWORTH T370 SINGLE AXLE DUMPS LOW MILEAGE — 91,000 MILES 325 HP PX-7; Allison Auto.; Air Ride Susp.; 16’ Body w/Fold-Down Sides & Tarp; Hitch w/Air - $77,900 EACH 2017 MACK GU713 TRI-AXLE DUMP TRUCKS 375,000-400,000 Miles; MP7 405 HP; Allison Auto.; 17’ Heritage Bodies; High-Lift Gates; Steerable Lift Axles - $124,900 EACH 2013 FORD F550 UTILITY TRUCK 101,000 Miles; 6.7L Diesel; 11’ Reading Body; 4x2 - $36,500 NEW 2023 WITZCOs IN STOCK! 52 and 35 Ton; (12) UNITS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! - CALL 2020 PETERBILT 567 SLEEPER TRACTOR 161,015 Miles; 510 HP Paccar; 13-Spd. Manual Trans.; 42" Sleeper; Air Ride; Air Slide 5th Wheel; LIKE NEW! - $97,900 12 AVAILABLE 2 AVAILABLE 5 AVAILABLE 3 AVAILABLE DAN O’NEILL E-mail: [email protected] EASTERN NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT, RHODE ISLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, MAINE, VERMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Office Phone: 978-604-1676 SERVING THESE AREAS: LORNA ROBINSON E-mail: [email protected] SELECTIVE ACCOUNTS IN ALL AREAS, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, ILLINOIS, INDIANA, ARKANSAS, KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI, TENNESSEE, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, CANADA Office Phone: 215-860-0386 Cell Phone: 215-859-7386 SERVING THESE AREAS: IF THERE IS ANY DOUBT WHO SERVICES YOUR AREA or if you are having difficulty contacting your TNT Representative CONTACT: ELIZABETH GRANT E-mail: [email protected] MIKE MATTERN E-mail: [email protected] Office Phone: 570-467-2528 GARY CAMPBELL E-mail: [email protected] WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA, WESTERN NEW YORK, OHIO, WEST VIRGINIA. Office Phone: 440-227-8377 SERVING THESE AREAS: BRIAN SPANNBAUER E-mail: [email protected] ALL OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, ALL OF NEW JERSEY Office Phone: 610-485-9724 Cell Phone: 610-717-7400 SERVING THESE AREAS: GEORGE SPANNBAUER E-mail: [email protected] MARYLAND, DELAWARE, VIRGINIA. Office Phone: 610-485-9724 SERVING THESE AREAS: DO YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE IN TRUCK , N TRAILER MAGAZINE? Contact the salesperson who serves your area today! TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 17 HIGHEST PRICES PAID!!! $$$ Heavy Duty Truck Parts Scranton, PA: 800-738-7802 Harrisburg, PA: 717-763-7721 New Paris, OH: 866-475-8825 ECM’s ALL MODELS IN STOCK! Eaton Fuller FRO16210C - $1,650 Exchange Eaton Fuller FRO16210C Heavy Duty Truck Parts Eaton Fuller FS6406N - $2,250 with $750 Core Eaton Fuller FS6406N Heavy Duty Truck Parts NEW ENGINE CYLINDER HEADS In Stock!!! CAT CUMMINS DETROIT Call for pricing and availability Heavy Duty Truck Parts REBUILT DS404 Front Differential - $1,895 Exchange DS404 Heavy Duty Truck Parts REBUILT Eaton Fuller RTLO18913A Transmission Assembly - $3,995 Exchange Eaton Fuller RTLO18913A Heavy Duty Truck Parts RTLO-18918B Take-Out, Standard Bell w/Mounts Rear Postition Top Cover Screw In Speedometer 30 Day Warranty - $3,500 Exchange RTLO-18918B Heavy Duty Truck Parts MACK CRD REARS Rebuilt & Take-Out Units Available CRDPC2 w/Powerlock Heavy Duty Truck Parts Visit us online at:

IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, ASK FOR IT, I KNOW WHERE IT IS DELIVERY AVAILABLE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, CALL NOW! CASH TALKS!! TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 18 SUMMER SALE!! SEPTEMBER MARKED DOWN SPECIAL PRICING ON THESE UNITS..........................CALL NOW! ALTRUX • 731 Route 28N • Herkimer, NY 13350 • 315-866-TRUX (8789) Ask For Brad • EMAIL: [email protected] NYS DMV #7080766 1988 Ford 1910 Compact Diesel Tractor 4x4; w/Loader; OROPS; 3-Point Hitch; Rear Hyd.; 37 HP; Low Hours; Fresh Rebuilt Engine; Turf Tires; Never In Snow Or Salt - $10,900 $9,250 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Ext. Cab 4x4 DURAMAX DIESEL; Very Light Right Front Damage; Runs & Yard Drives; 30K Miles; Good Air Bags, Title & Frame; Rust Free Southern Truck - $18,900 $17,950 Mack Tandem Cutoffs Complete w/Extra Frame Section 90K Miles; Meritor 40K Rears On Air Ride; MD-40-14X; 3:55 Ratio; Rust Free From The South - $4,500 $3,950 DURAMAX DIESEL 2006 Genie GTH6622 Extendable Boom Rough Terrain Forklift Rust Free; Low Hours; Diesel; Auto.; 4x4, All Position Steer - $36,995 $33,900 4x4 Late Model Rust Free 10’ Rugby Dump Box from the South Electric Tarper; (3) Coal Chutes; Rear Plate Hitch; Underbody Hoist; Very Clean!! - $8,900 $8,250 SEVERAL OTHER USED AND NEW BODIES AVAILABLE 2016 Chevy 3500HD 1-Ton 4x4 Crew Cab Long Box V8 Gas; Auto.; 104K Miles; Very Nice RUST FREE KENTUCKY TRUCK - $34,900 $32,500 2017 Ford F250 2WD V8 Gas; Auto.; A/C; Stereo; 79K Miles; SPOTLESS TRUCK FROM KANSAS - $32,500 $29,995 2011 Landoll 440 50’ Tandem Trailer Good Rubber & Brakes; Nice Floor; Big Winch; Forklift Pkg.; Dock Levelers; Wireless Remote; Galvanized Frame; 97,000 lb. GVW VERY CLEAN TRAILER! $135K NEW - $69,900 2010 Peterbilt 367 Heavy Spec 500 HP Cummins ISX; Jake; 13-Spd.; 20K & 46K Full Lockers On Air Trac; D-Frame; 621K Miles; Recent In-Frame w/Papers; (10) New Tires; Good Brakes; Runs Super; BIG Palfinger PK 29002 Crane w/New Wireless Remote and Extra Jib; 68’ Reach; Truck Is Work Ready! Drive Anywhere! New Replacement Was $400K, Save A Lot With A Good Used One - $98,500 1999 Mack MR688P Tandem Axle Daycab Tractor E7-300; Allison Auto. Trans.; 12K/40K Axles On Air; Clean Southern Truck; Runs and Drives Good; Prior Gov’t Unit - $10,900 $9,250 2002 Mack CXU613 Tandem Axle Sleeper Tractor E7-460; Jake; Fuller 13-Spd.; 12K/40K Axles On Air; Sliding 5th; Dual Tanks; In-Framed 4-Years Ago; Runs and Drives Good; Basic Work Horse; Needs Minor Cosmetics - $16,500 $13,950 2019 Ford F550 2WD Rust Free Chassis Power Stroke Diesel; Automatic; A/C; Long Frame; READY TO WORK! - $46,000 RUST FREE RUST FREE

ALTRUX 731 Route 28N • Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-TRUX (8789) Ask For Brad, The Monty Hall of NY EMAIL: [email protected] NYS DMV #7080766 IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, ASK FOR IT, I KNOW WHERE IT IS DELIVERY AVAILABLE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, CALL NOW! CASH TALKS!! CLUNKERS, JUNKERS & TRADE IN’S – AS IS 1992 Ford F800 Dump; 270 HP; 10-Spd; Air Brakes; 32,000# GVW; New Injection Pump; Runs Nice; 10’ Body; Just Blasted & Painted; Needs Minor Cosmetics; Great Local Truck; 1st $5,995 Cash Takes It - AS IS 2007 Ford F-250 Ext. Cab 2WD 6.0L w/Updates & Deleted; Power Programmer; Runs Super Nice; New Brakes; Good Rubber; Trailer Tow Pkg.; Almost New 8’ Knapheide Steel Rack Body w/Gooseneck Frame Hitch & 10K Reese Hitch Below; Clean Interior; 205K Miles; Needs a Few Trinkets, Otherwise Ready to Pull Camper or Car Trailer - $8,995 $8,500 2005 Kodiak 4500 6x6 w/16’ Lumber Body Dump 300 HP Duramax; Allison Auto.; 180K One Owner Miles; Engine Updates Done; Runs Super; 17,500# GVW; Juice Brakes - $16,995 6x6 DUMP JUST IN! BRAND NEW 2023 8’ and 10’ Air Flo Dump Trailers 10K and 12K GVW’s; 3-Way Gates; Big Ruber; Pull-Out Ramps READY TO WORK AT 2022 PRICES! Nice 9’ Steel Utility Body Off A 2010 Ford F-550; Clean - $3,500 $3,300 Altec AM55 60’ Over Center Material Handling Bucket Truck Body Double Man Baskets w/Jib & Winch At The Top; (4) Outriggers; Upper Boom Is Cracked - Needs Repaired; Clean Southern Unit; Buyer To Remove Body - $21,000 Ford FZ-411-V A-62 3-Yard Bucket Loader 4-Cyl. Turbo Diesel; Articulating; Decent Rubber; Good Bucket; Southern Machine w/NO RUST; Brakes Work!!; Need Minor Tinkering - $8,900 $8,500 2001 International 4900 Cab & Chassis Super Running DT-466 w/7-Spd. Trans.; Air Brakes; Rusty Cab & Frame TOW IT HOME. GOOD TITLE. - $3,600 $3,300 2013 Ford F250 Ext. Cab 4x4 V8 Gas; Auto.; Front Mount Winch; 260K Highway Miles; Bad Trans.; CLEAN ALABAMA TRUCK Needs Clean Up - $9,995 TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - September 22, 2023 - PAGE 19 2000 Ford F550 Crew Cab 2WD 7.3L Diesel; NEW 6-Spd. Trans.; Flat Rack Tow Body on the Back; NO RUST KENTUCKY TRUCK Good Work Horse - $14,900 2002 Kalyn Seibert 50-Ton Tri-Axle Landoll Trailer Pony Motor & Wetline; Nice Rubber On Alcoa Rims; Works Well; Needs Some Wood On The Floors; Has Some Rotted Crossmembers; Needs Welding and Love - $17,900 1989 Oshkosh W-700-15R Fresh Release From The Army; Used Where It Doesn’t Snow Much; Like New; CAT & Cummins Diesels; 9-Spd.; Truck Load Chute; Extremely Clean; Rare Find (3 More W-700’s In Stock) 2012 RPM Tech LM-217 Loader Mount 2-Stage Snow Blower Diesel; In-Cab Remote Controls; Truck Load Chute; JRB Coupler; Low Hours; Very Nice Machine (4) MORE LOADER MOUNTS IN STOCK RUST FREE 2001 Progress Aluminum 2,800 Gal. Oil Tank Bottom Load; Complete; 4-Compartment - $8,500 $7,500 JUST BOTTOM LOAD WAS $15K! (4) 1999-2007 Isuzu NPR Cab & Chassis Gas & Diesel Powered; All Have Some Issues; TOW THEM HOME - $1,700 & UP 2010 GMC Savana 2500 Cargo Van V8; Auto.; A/C; Contractors Package; Good Work Truck - $9,995 $9,500 (NAP) 2006 Boston Aluminum Fuel Tank 3-Compartment (1500/900/700); Bottom Load; Hose & Reel; Lectro Count LCH 2 Meter; Very Clean Tank - $11,950 $11,000 MORE CHEAP TANKS AVAILABLE! 2020 Ford F550 2WD Rust Free Chassis Power Stroke Diesel; Automatic; Will Have 11’ Air Flo Dump Body Installed; New Brakes & Tires; Ready To Rock and Roll!! - $59,900 $56,900 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD 4x4 Duramax Diesel; Auto.; 1 Owner Truck; Runs Great; Has Normal Rust Spots for NYS; Good Rubber; Nice Interior; All New Brakes; Runs and Drives Good for a Cheap Work Truck - $7,495 1988 Brigadier Long Frame Tandem CAT; Automatic; Wetline; BIG National Knuckle Boom Crane at the Tail with a Winch; Needs A Little Clean Up and TLC Super Cheap @ $7,995 $6,350 (Will Sell Crane Alone) 1991 GMC Kodiak 6500 CAT Diesel Engine; Auto. Trans.; Has PTO; Rust Free Southern Truck; 13’ Of Frame; 30K GVW; Air Brakes; Runs Great - $9,995 $9,500 2003 Chevrolet Kodiak 7500 Crew Cab Dump Truck CAT Diesel Engine; Auto. Trans.; Runs Nice, Looks Sad; (4) Brand New Drive Tires; Works Well; Good Site Or Local Truck - $5,900 $5,500 2010 Ford F-150 2WD 8’ Box; 70K Miles; 5.4L Engine; Auto. Trans.; Very Clean Southern Truck; Runs Great; Ready To Roll! Just Serviced - $8,995 $8,895 2007 Peterbilt 385 S/A Daycab CAT Engine & Fresh 13-Spd. Trans.; Jake; 12K/23K Axles On Air; Locker; One Owner; 700K w/Excellent Maintenance; Runs & Drives Well; Needs Some Cosmetics - CALL 2003 Peterbilt 385 T/A Day Cab Very Low Miles; Florida Rust Free Truck; 370 HP CAT; 10-Spd.; 14,000#/46,000# Axles On Air; All New Brakes & Torque Arms Nice Clean Short Haul Tractor - $32,500 2011 Pete 382 Daycab 385 HP Cummins ISL, Jake, FRO13210C Trans., 12K Fronts, 40K Rears on Low Air Leaf, 4:11's, One Owner California Truck with 153K Original Miles, NO RUST!! Fresh In-Frame with Warranty and Paperwork from Cummins, (10) New Tires, Ready To Work, Just Drove Here from California. Beautiful Truck!! - $46,500 1997 Oshkosh HB2718-B Snow Blower Dual Detroits; 4 Wheel Steer; Side Blowers; 2,000 Original Miles; 1 Owner; Clean Machine; Never In Salt; Comes w/MB Runway Broom. (12) More Blowers In Stock - Call With Your Needs NICE (2) 2010 M-B MSV Articulated 4x4 Tractors 500 Hours; Cummins 115 HP Diesels; Heat; A/C; Moon Roofs; Stereo; Hi-flo; Joystick Controls; Snowblower; Broom; Power-Angle V-plow; Drop Sander; Extra Wheels & Tires; Books & Records; $167K New; Save Thousands; Call Now...SNOW IS COMING!!! RARE 1980 Sicard SMI Snowmaster 7500 Dual Detroits; Auto.; Low Hours and Miles; Very Clean Machine For Its Age; Not Used On Highways Or In Salt; 2-Stage with Truck Load Chute; SNOW PLOWS - ALL KINDS LOTS of Regular Blades For Conventional Mount Starting At $200 LOTS OF WHOLE SETUPS; Minute Mount Style; Several 1-Way Funnels & Wings CALL WITH YOUR NEEDS