June 14, 2024 Issue

Special Factory-To-Dealer incentives allow us to pass on tremendous savings. Prices good thru July 31, 2024, while supplies last. Prices do not include sales tax, if applicable. Specifications subject to change without notice. Parts photos are for illustration purposes only, actual products may vary. Sunbury Motors reserves the right to substitute alternative brands. Any listed installed pricing is based on standard repair times, Sunbury Motors reserves the right to charge for additional repairs. SUNBURY MOTORS 943 North Fourth Street • Sunbury, PA 17801 www.sunburymotors.com 800-222-3673 or 570-286-7746 Fax: 570-286-6293 The Largest Sterling & Ford Parts Department In Central Pennsylvania. Serving Over 18 Counties With Parts Delivery. We Have 30 Parts People Waiting To Fill Your Needs. PARTS DEPT. Open 7 AM ‘til 6 PM Monday thru Friday • Saturday Hours: 7 AM ‘til 2 PM www.truckntrailer.com TRUCK ‘N TRAILER - ‘TNT’ - June 14, 2024 - PAGE 5 VALVE KIT, PURGE BW K022105 $112.27 PRIMARY FUEL FILTER WATER SEPARATOR ABP N122 R50418 $19.44 RANGE MASTER VALVE ASSEMBLY 13 SPEED FUL A6913 $47.53 COMP-AC, TUBE O-RING HEAD, NO CLUTCH ABP N83 304061T $243.18 SEAT, WRCORE HPHB 2ARM UL BLK BOS 5B09071 900 $1,109.95 SEAT, PR915 III HI BLK UL R&L ARM BEL DUA BOS 9320011 900 $1,095.00 SEAT, WRII HP HI BLK ULTHR R&L ARM BSC BOS 5300001 900 $1,240.00 COVERALLS SEAT COVER HIBACK-BLACK/GRAY SET 181704XN1165 $79.95 MUFFLER-5IN ID IN/OD OUT, 10IN DIA,51 IN L DM M100465 $165.90 CLUTCH INSTALL KIT FUL K2468 $221.29 SHOCK ABSORBER, GAS, MAGNUM 65 MAE 65416 $50.95 FIFTH WHEEL TOP PLATE FON SLTPL7000 $1,245.00 HARD WORKING VALUES THROUGH JUNE-JULY! APTIV AM/FM DIGITAL RADIO/USB/SIRIUS/BT PSO PP107201 $176.86 APTIV HEAVY DUTY AM/FM w/WEATHERBAND PSO PP107198 $152.19 CB, COBRA DELUXE USA PSO CCBP29LT01 $148.95 RADIO CB COMPACT 40-CHANNEL PSO 19DXIV $57.99