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Pre-Press Guidelines for TNT Magazine

Camera Ready Advertisement is a completely finished electronic file done to our specifications that is ready to go to press.

TNT Magazine Advertising Sizes

1/24th page7.125" x 3.125" 1/3rd horizontal2.31" x 1.125
1/12th page2.31" x 1.125 1/3rd island2.31" x 1.125
12th/24th combo2.31" x 3.375" 1/2 vertical3.375" x 9.5"
1/6th block3.375" x 3" 1/2 horizontal7.125" x 4.7"
1/6 vertical2.31" x 4.625" 1/2 island4.688" x 7"
1/6th horizontal4.625" x 2.25" 2/3rd vertical4.688" x 9.5"
1/4th block4.625" x 3.438" 2/3rd horizontal7.125" x 6.187"
1/4th vertical2.31" x 7" Regular Full Page7.125" x 9.5"
1/4th horizontal7.125" x 2.25" Bleed Full PageCall (570) 467-2528
1/3rd block4.625" x 4.625 Cover Ad6.9" x 5.331"
1/3rd vertical2.31" x 9.5"

Call (570) 467-2528 for pricing details.

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Steps to take before sending your file(s)

  • Only Windows PC format files.
  • All colors must be in CMYK color format.
  • Whenever possible convert all text to graphics.
  • Please send us all graphics used in a file separately and not just embedded.
  • Native file formats: PDF / TIF / EPS / BMP / JPG (don't create whole ads in .JPG)
  • PDF files must be created with certain guidelines.

Where to Send Your Media

Truck 'N Trailer Magazine
P.O. Box 68 (830 Barnesville Drive)
Barnesville, PA 18214-0068

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